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A Dollar A Tree For Haiti plans to reinvigorate the Haitian community as well as the international community by establishing the sense of trust which has been so desperately lacking. We strongly believe that once we establish a trustworthy vehicle for change, the response will be overwhelming. The plan is to create a movement and to unify the Haitian community, both in and out of the country, towards a single goal.
We believe that together, nothing can't be achieved.
A Dollar A Tree For Haiti wants to be that vehicle by being fully transparent and by creating a participatory relationship with our donors.
Everyone will have full access to the plans and the processes of the organization.
It will be a collaborative relationship.
 One in which you will be able to share your ideas, expertise, resources and connections.
In addition, each dollar donated will impact the country in four distinct, yet significant ways.
Donations will:
  • Be used towards reforesting the land (actually putting trees in the ground).
  • Provide local landowners the ability to generate revenue, hire locals and become a food resource for the community (by turning their barren lands into fruit producing farms).
  • Be used to employ the locals to help us build our nurseries (thereby boosting the economy and providing employment opportunity).
  • Be used to educate local Haitian Students by turning our nurseries into laboratories for local schools. Thereby transforming the next generation of Haitian farmers into educated agronomists.
These four factors together can and will finally turn Haiti's fortune around and make it the country it deserves to be.
Let's all work together to make Haiti a better place.
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