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With your help ADATH has achieved quite a bit, so we wanted to say thank you and to ask for your continued support. Our next goal is to place a nursery at Larmardelle Haiti, where Fondation Enfant Jesus will connect both their students as well as various women's group in the community to the Nursery. We need your help to do this. A single dollar with five referrals is ALL we're asking for.

Join us.

Our first planting

Running Time: 2:30 min

A Dollar A Tree For Haiti's first tree Planting excursion in the mountains of Kikwa, Kafou Badgio, Godet, Viard I and Viard II, in the mountains beyond Kenscoff.

The BULLIS SCHOOL Fundraiser

Running Time: 2:30 min

The Bullis School, under the leadership of Arianna Moreno and others, organized a fundraiser which raise $1000 for Haiti. 

Andrea Copeland Interview

Running Time: 2:30 min

Andrea Copeland speaks with guests, Former Haitian Ambassador Raymond Joseph and Frantz Kenol, about the rebuilding progress in Haiti. The guests also discuss the reforestation progress taking place in Haiti, and their organization A Dollar A Tree For Haiti, Inc.

St. Francis College

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Former Ambassador Raymond Joseph talks about the impact of the Haitian Revolution on the United States and explains how that momentous event has resulted in Haiti's becoming the "poorest country in the Western Hemisphere".

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Dominican Republic’s deportation of Haitians is ‘akin to apartheid’

Article published in the Washington Diplomat
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