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A Dollar A Tree For Haiti, Inc. is a non profit organization founded by former Ambassador  Raymond Joseph. The purpose of the organization is the reforestion of the nation of Haiti.

While Haiti may be 98% deforested, in a country with so many needs, one may ask why reforestation?

The answer,  is because Deforestation affects the country in very significant ways.

In fact, it can be said that deforestation is the root cause of all of Haiti's problems.



When a country is deforested;

  • When it rains, the top soil gets washed away into the sea (Erosion).

  • Erosion causes poor agriculture and poor fishing.

  • Poor agriculture and poor fishing cause poor economy and malnutrition.

  • Poor economy and malnutrition cause frustration and anger.

  • Frustration and anger cause instability and political turmoil.

  • Instability leads to overthrows, which leads to dictatorships and corruption.


In short, Haiti's deforestation is its biggest problem.


Many attempts have been made and are being made to correct this problem. Unfortunately, none have had the national impact the country so desperately needs. A Dollar A Tree For Haiti wants to have that national impact by doing things differently.

A Dollar A Tree For Haiti will;

  • Be fully Transparent- We list every donation and every expenditure on our website in order to re-establish the sense of trust and confidence which has been lost over the years. We want to reassure donors that their contributions are going to the right place by proving it to them.


  • Work with the leading experts in the fieldWorking with Professor Anthony Davis and Jeremy Pinto, we are implementing the most innovative and the most effective nursery building system in the world. Their process not only increases the survival rate of new seedlings, it helps increase the growth potential of the trees once they are planted. This makes ADATH's reforestation effort one of the most efficient and successful in the world.


  • Learn from the past- We have learned from the mistakes of the past and are doing our best to avoid them. As such, we are coupling our reforestation efforts with educating the local communities. We are also providing alternative energy sources to the locals in order to prevent future trees from being chopped down for the production of charcoal.


  • Partner with the Haitian community- We believe the only way for us to successfully effect change is to work with the Haitian community both in and out of the country. This means YOU. A Dollar A Tree for Haiti is an organization that is for the people and by the people. That is why your participation is so vital to our success, even if that participation is the donation of a single dollar.


  • Work with the international community- In addition to working with the Haitian community we are also working with the international community. Our motto is that we will work with anyone and everyone willing to advance the cause of reforestation. We want to put Haiti first and work in a inclusive manner to move the ball forward. A Dollar A Tree For Haiti is non political and non partisan. Our ONLY goal is the betterment of Haiti. We welcome all those who share that goal.


  • Encourage economic growth- We've taken a very thoughtful and precise approach to our process. Donations given to ADATH will be used to make four distinct and significant impacts in the country.  


Donated dollars are used to:


  • Plant trees. Our goal is to have every single dollar donated result in a single tree being planted. 


  • Employ local Haitians. We use donated dollars to pay local Haitian to do the work it takes to get trees in the ground, thereby giving people the opportunity to work and support their families.  


  • Provide farmers and landowners a revenue stream. It has been said it is better to teach a man how to fish than it is to give him a fish. We are working with local landowners and cooperatives and are turning their barren lands into fruit producing and forrested fields which they can use to generate revenue. This will have the added  benefit of creating additional jobs in the community. 


  • Provide alternative energy sources- We plan to provide alternative cooking methods to the locals (solar cookers) in order to prevent future trees from being cut down for the purpose of making charcoal.


  • Educate- ADATH plans to partner with local schools and to turn our nurseries into laboratories where students can learn agronomy. This hands on experience will create a generation of knowledgeable Haitian farmers. We will also educate the locals on the value of reforestion and the protection of their trees. 










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